Coping with a break-up: Why feeling wronged is wrong

Coping with a break-upCoping with a break-up is incredibly tough. It’s hard to process the fall-out when a relationship breaks down. You feel sad, potentially regretful, possibly resentful – frequently a combination of all three, by the boatload.

You’re allowed to feel sad. You thought your life was going in one direction but instead, for whatever reasons, it’s going in another.

But feeling wronged, telling people how you are the ‘victim’ of the break-up, does not help you. Repeating – and replaying in your head – what he did do or say (or whatever he didn’t do or say) is not helping you. It’s keeping you stuck.  This ‘feeling wronged’ attitude and any related behavior – telling people the stories of the relationship and repeating the story out loud – is damaging you more than anyone else.

So make a stand and decide, even if you are heartbroken and sad, to try to take steps to control your behavior and to STOP repeating your break-up stories: to friends, family, even strangers that you meet – and eventually you will be able to stop repeating them to yourself.

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