Breaking up and keeping hope

Someday you will find someoneSo you’ve broken up and you may feel like you will never fall in love again. Don’t think that it’s true, not for a second.

The fact that you trusted someone else, opened your heart and life to them, and loved them means that you are destined for more love in your life.  But if you’ve been through a break up, you need to heal and to spend time recovering.

This is the time to think about yourself and what you can do in your life to look after yourself.

Treat yourself well – spend time thinking about what you want that is not linked to your past relationship or to your ex. Try new things, spend time with friends, and be happy.

1. Make a list of five things you’ve always wanted to try whether it’s places to visit, evening classes, a new skill, placed to visit

2. Shake up your routine – even small things such as walking a different route to work, or trying some food you’ve never tasted before, or going to see friends for a weekend

3. Make a list of some nice things you can do for yourself. These don’t have to be huge things (but don’t feel the need to be mean to yourself) – it can be buy yourself some flowers, buy some lovely bath salts and have a soak, get a manicure, take a day off work and spend the day visiting somewhere new – even just a local museum, wandering around the zoo

4. Most of all, don’t lose faith in yourself, or others, just because this didn’t work out.

5. Smile and treat everyone with gratitude and friendliness. Don’t hide away, be yourself.


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