Missing him? It’s okay to be upset

If you’ve woken up this morMissing him break-upning and you are missing him, give yourself a break.

We’ve all been there – in the first few moments of waking up your mind wanders off and it turns to him. You may think about waking up without him, wonder what he is doing and how he is, you may check out social media to see if he’s been online, even contemplate getting in touch with him (DON’T).

If you’ve been through a break up, it’s only natural to miss him.  Missing someone shows that you are a good, decent person. So don’t punish yourself for having these thoughts. Instead remember that you are human, affectionate and a loving person.

Then remember that your life is about you – what you want and what you deserve. One thing you deserve is to be happy and to be with someone who adores you for who you are.  Whether you want to get back together with him or not, remember this is true. Right now you need space (even if you don’t think so) and he needs space – so move along with today for yourself.

So wake up, stretch, look outside and appreciate yourself and the world and be nice to yourself – tell yourself you are a good person and you’re going to be more than okay.  Enjoy your day, smile to people and love yourself. You deserve it.

Posted by Tabitha R

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  1. You were less vulnerable then because you didn’t know what it would feel like to lose him. You don’t miss him. You miss the security that comes with being in a loving relationship. You especially miss it now that you’re looking at the broken pieces of what once was.

    1. Your most important relationship is the one with yourself. It’s important to be grounded and secure with who you are. Spend time healing, don’t think of yourself as broken – think of a lesson that you have learnt and all the great things that are in your future. With happy thoughts, Tabitha

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