Thinking you aren’t good enough

“I’m not good enough.”

“I didn’t deserve it.”

“Things never work out for me.”

If you have ever told yourself any of these things, we have a few things to tell you: first, welcome to the human race, and secondly – NONE of these things are true.

Your own mind can be a mean place, and your subconscious tells you things that aren’t true. These thoughts can sneak up on you and they can tell you things that you start to believe, make you feel wretched about yourself, and suck all hope out of you  – not just in terms of this and other relationships, but more importantly, hope in yourself.

While feelings are real and they need to be addressed, they are NOT REALITY. They are your mind’s interpretation of events, and you have the ability to control them.  You may not feel like it, but you really do.

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  1. What if you know you re not good enough because people are constantly telling or showing you so. Plus you re in a bad situation that indicates such? Then you d be right.

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