Do you wake up thinking of him?

Wake up thinking of himIt can be hard when you’ve been through a break-up.  Sometimes you reach the point where everyone around you thinks you’re “okay” and you’ve moved along. But really your mind is ‘stuck’ and you can’t seem to move from where you are. You wake up and your first few thoughts of the day are about him. You have moments, such as this, where you almost don’t feel you are in control of your mind.

Here’s some things to consider:

– You’re allowed to grieve, to be sad about the end of the relationship. Allow yourself to do this – for a while (a limited time)

–  You need to have discipline and to understand how and why to move forward. This is up to you – you may not feel like it, or feel strong enough to do it, but it is possible

– You need to change your habits. You cannot forget someone that you see, or constantly reminded of, or are watching on social media.

– Learn how to control your thoughts of him and how you view your life now. Yes, this is possible and something that you can do and it can TRANSFORM your life, not just for this moment and to overcome this problem, but to also overhaul your life in other areas

– Stop re-living the break-up by talking to friends, family – even total strangers about it and how you were ‘wronged’ (even if you were). Talking about it is keeping you ‘stuck’

– See the positive in the break-up – really, it may not feel as if it is there at all, but it is.  This is a whole set of worksheets and calls that we work on during our Zero Contact program. You may feel as if your planned life has ended, but really there is an amazing opportunity open for you – let us help you see it, and to create the next chapter of your story





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