Stupid things that smart women do (when in love with the wrong man)

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Act like someone else
  • Test him by creating scenarios to see what he does
  • Doubt ourselves
  • Waste time thinking about him instead of acting for ourselves
  • Daydream about what could happen
  • Create unnecessary drama to get a reaction
  • Become distracted from what WE really want in, and from, life
  • Make excuses for him
  • Spend more time thinking about what makes him happy than what makes you happy
  • Lie to friends about him, his actions (and even your actions)
  • Settle – for not having the relationship we want, being treated better

If you’re in a relationship where any of this sounds familiar and you’ve also found yourself in a ‘digital relationship’ where you  seem to be texting and messaging instead of seeing each other, then check out our new program: ‘Get Real – Stop Texting’.

Posted by Tabitha R

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