Nothingness and break-up hope

Break-up advice

It’s hard coping with a break-up. Your own mind can turn on you, and you may find yourself thinking of him more than ever. You try to distract yourself, but it’s a half-hearted effort with feelings of loss and nothingness mixed in with a  vague hope that you can get back to the relationship to escape this nothingness. The bad news? This is something you have to go through and you can’t…


Breaking up and keeping hope

So you’ve broken up and you may feel like you will never fall in love again. Don’t think that it’s true, not for a second. The fact that you trusted someone else, opened your heart and life to them, and loved them means that you are destined for more love in your life.  But if you’ve been through a break up, you need to heal and to spend time recovering. This…