Why we created 'GET UNHOOKED'

You need to understand that you deserve the life – and the love – that you want.  But you have to own it. To take action and to what’s best for you. 

If have left (or been left) a relationship that doesn’t serve you and give you what you want from life, then you need to stay away.  We know this is easier said than done - and friends, family just may not understand [and say things like: "Can't you just get over it?" "What? You're STILL thinking about him?"]

Getting unhooked is very important if you were in a relationship with a toxic individual, perhaps it's a man who may have narcissistic or sociopathic tendencies or who lacks empathy, or simply doesn't truly care for you –  it doesn’t matter what the label is for his behavior – if you weren't truly happy in the relationship, or you didn't feel valued, if he had no empathy or didn't care for you in a way that you need to feel cared for (question: if your best friend or sister was treated that way, would you have wanted her to walk away?), then it’s time to cut your losses and learn to control the part of your brain that keeps thinking about him. 

But you feel ‘stuck’ and unable to move on or to walk away - to stop thinking of him, checking in on him and even thinking 'what could have been?'...

GET UNHOOKED was developed for women who want to make a change and to walk away.  To realize - once and for all that the relationship wasn't serving you, it wasn't making you happy - and to stop looking back at a relationship that you are unable to untangle from,. We will give you strategies, tools, ideas and the confidence to move on.  
But you need to take action – to close off and to stop thinking about him, checking in on him. It’s harder than it sounds to go ‘zero contact’. You may have doubts, there may be moments where you think ‘perhaps he will have missed me' or 'perhaps he's changed' or if you’re a nurturing person you may even feel the need to check in on him to determine that he is okay.

GET UNHOOKED is designed to help you to step away and to remember who you are and what you want out of life.

As a reminder, it includes:

- A introductory two-hour webcast of the main elements of the program with the groundwork to get you in a strong and ready frame of mind. This lasts for two hours and is recorded and sent to all members for re-watching or in case you miss it

-  A workbook with worksheets for each module 

- Six coaching modules (one every two weeks) which are each 45-60 minutes for you to listen to and watch online, which accompany the worksheets 

- Break the Bond’s ZERO CONTACT TRACKER, to help you day-by-day, to track your triggers, weak points and moments where you want to contact him so you can stay zero contact.

- Access to a private Facebook group where you can access daily support, share concerns or moments of weakness.

The modules are:

Module 1: Draw the line Drawing the line in the sand and going zero contact – steps to take, things to be prepared for, and getting to understand your triggers and moments of weakness.  Understand why ‘distracting yourself’ only works short-term and uncover other ways to move on

Module 2: See things as they were Burst the rose-tinted bubble of your past relationship. Stop being wishful, day-dreaming about what could be, or excusing his behavior to you. Identify where the relationship wasn’t serving you. Understand what you want – and deserve - from a relationship and from life, and be ready to ask for more

Module 3: Know the signs Understand the signs of toxic and one-sided relationships. Understand the importance to stop chasing ‘closure’ in these relationships, and how to manage any lack of closure 

Module 4: Manage your emotions Learn how to control your thoughts, understand your emotions and to reframe how you think of yourself, your relationships and start to get clarity on what you want out of life and your key relationships

Module 5: Choose to be happy Understand what you want from life and how you can be happy - and in control of your own happiness. Then take steps to be in control of what makes you happy

 Module 6: The amazing opportunities now open to you
How to take action and owning your brilliant new future. To have the strongest relationship you can with yourself and the confidence to do what you want with your life – so you are always looking forward.
The next GET UNHOOKED program begins on June 3rd - join us and take control of your life!